Parade Theme Links London to Global Village 

London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2019, will celebrate Britain’s multi-cultural Capital and outward-facing ethos.

The theme for the turn-of-year tradition will be – “London Welcomes the World”.

And we really do. Millions of people from all five continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas and Australasia – are represented here, both in our population and in our visitors.

In our great city more than 250 languages are spoken, highlighting just how London really is the most diverse and inclusive city in the World.

London boroughs, from across the Capital, will be given the opportunity to showcase their distinct form of diversity, history and show the World opportunity and friendship abounds.

“This will be a celebration like no other – London has always welcomed the World and is open for business.” Said LNYDP Executive Director Bob Bone.

“London boroughs have been massive supporters of the parade throughout our 34 year history – and we will give them a platform to show their proud heritage and kaleidoscopic cultural make-up.”


All London boroughs are eligible to submit entries and are offered £1,000 seed money in the process. Those voted in the top ten by judges and the public share a prize fund of £50,000.

More than £2 million has been raised to date for London charities.

The Parade has benefited London’s economy by an estimated £1 billion pounds in the last decade alone – with 5,000 overseas performers and hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to the event each year .

The event on January 1st, which is expected to attract 500,000 to the streets of London, will be distributed live to more than 600 TV Stations.

London’s New Year’s Day Parade runs from Piccadilly (at Green Park Station) to Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, St. James’s, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Sq and along Whitehall to Parliament Sq.

The parade plays prominent part in a full week of celebration, (London’s New Year’s Day Parade & Festival) which includes orchestral, choral and street performances in iconic London locations.

LNYDP is free to all – but grandstand tickets will be available from TicketMaster from the summer.